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2e Hugo de Grootstraat 39
1052 LB Amsterdam

Tel/Fax : 0031 20-6480107
Mobiel :   0031 06-38411392

In view of the renewed desire for quality, draughtmanship
and romance it is well worth your while to visit the studio-gallery
of the painter-illustrator Walt de Rijk.
You will find many paintings and drawings of superior level
there: sea- and landscapes, flowers and still life paintings,
but above all you will find paintings of people in scenes,
nudes and portraits.

It goes without saying that a portrait is a very special
acquisition or a present with a more than lifelong value in
every sense.
An unusual present for a special someone: your wife, husband,
child, friend, someone with a very special celebration...

Different styles and techniques are available in full colour
or in black and white, in a very dashing or in a modest style.
Suitably to your budget and in consultance with you a work of
art can be made (after life or after pictures) in wich a
perfect likeness will be achieved.

Autoroute :
Cityring Amsterdam, driveout S105,
direction "centrum" straight on

City bus : 18

Paintings are sold with matching frames, handmade by the artist,

Open dayly. Weekends or evenings by appointment